Sunday, December 12, 2010

Greetings from Texas and Happy Holidays!'s been a while...but I'm back! I've settled into my new life in Texas. I came to Dallas with very few preconceived notions or expectations. I'd been here a few times in the past for the Home and Gift Market, which means I was familiar with the Market, and the chain restaurants and hotels within a one mile radius of the Market. So I pretty much started with a blank slate. We arrived in July, in the middle of a heatwave, so my first impression was that it was hot as hell!

Our first weekend here, my boyfriend took me to eat barbeque at a place called Sonny Bryan's. Being originally from Memphis, my idea of barbeque is pork. He's lived in Texas before, so he is all about beef brisket. We've had a running feud for years about which is better. But, I ordered the brisket...for the same reason that you don't order a burger at the best pizza joint in Naples. Thick, juicy, slices of crunchy, crusted beef...with spicy sauce served on the side in individual sized bottles, lined up on a hotplate near the napkins and silverware. We sat indoors on what looked like old school desks...because it was a thousand degrees outside on the picnic tables. All of the desks were for right-handed people...just like when I was in school. Why is that? (I'm left-handed.) Anyway, I must say, the brisket was wonderful!

But not to worry, my Tennessee porker friends...barbeque for me will always be Interstate BBQ in Memphis TN. I'm just expanding my horizons!

We had dinner last night at a place called Off The Bone, a vintage gas station converted into a barbeque cafe. We shared a full order of delicious, meaty pork ribs. Very tasty! I put the bones in a bag for our new dog, Ralph, who is apparently a huge fan of pork ribs. He must have relatives in Tennessee.

One interesting thing I've noticed here. Even though this is the South, most of the restaurants don't serve sweet tea. Curious...

I love an adventure, and exploring Dallas so far has been very enjoyable! And I've got the extra five...ok, eight...pounds to prove it. I've got a lot to write about...more and more discoveries everyday. This place is brimming with world-class art, interesting shops and boutiques, stylish people, lovely homes, and of course, some really great food!

Hope you all are having a fabulous holiday season so far...I know I am! Talk to you again soon!


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