Sunday, July 24, 2011

Heard It In A Love Song...

The CD player in my car is broken, so I’ve been listening to an “oldies” radio station on the way to work. I like to sing along, as I know most of the lyrics to almost every song, and belting them out helps me vent my road rage. It’s amazing how quickly and thoroughly music can transport me to another time and place, make me smile, laugh out loud, or even bring me to tears.

Have you ever noticed how many songs are written about love? Looking for love…falling in love…being in love…fighting for love…losing an old love. Why are hundreds, even thousands of songs written about love? And I’m not talking about the love you have for nature, mankind in general, your kids, your dog, or Ben and Jerry‘s...I‘m talking about THE love.

Do you remember the first time you fell in love? I do. And though it‘s long since ended, a certain song always reminds me of that love…fresh and innocent…pre-expectations and baggage. The melody creeps up on me, slowly exposing those emotions from the past that I keep so safely tucked away, hidden even from myself. Suddenly, all of the neatly stacked memories come tumbling down on my head. I remember exactly how I felt the moment I fell in love, and the despair I felt when it was over. Tears sting my eyes and a lump forms in my throat, as I search for an explanation for why something that began with such promise had to end. Then the song is over, the feelings of loss and regret fade away, and I’m back to the present, where only a lingering twinge of sadness remains.

John Lennon once wrote, “All you need is love.” But love isn’t only what we need…love is why we’re here. According to The Bible, our purpose for life on earth is to go forth, be fruitful, and multiply. Oh sure, we can do that without love. Check out any bar on Friday night. Believe me, it’s done!

But, to live life without love? THE love? I don’t care if you’re the happiest, most successful, self-confident, financially secure person in the world. You may have great friends, a fabulous career, and plenty of money, but without love, something is missing. I’m not just talking about love for nature, mankind, etc. And I'm not talking about sex, although there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. I’m talking about that, and more. I’m talking about THE love...lover, friend, companion, confidant, ally, soul-mate, partner in love and life.

I’m talking about the guy who holds you at night and tells you not to worry because he’s there for you. And he is. The one who rubs your neck when it hurts. The one who washes the dishes for you after you’ve cooked his favorite meal. The one who brings you flowers, just because you love flowers. The one who shares his hopes and dreams with you, and who cares about your hopes and dreams. The one who can’t imagine a future without you by his side. The one who tells you everyday that he loves you, even though he knows you already know. The one who doesn’t keep score. The one who slow dances with you barefoot in the dark. The one who sees all of the hot babes prancing around out there, but chooses to make love to only you, because he thinks you’re the most awesome woman alive.

The reason so many songs have been written about love is because love makes life happen! “Love makes the world go ‘round.” That’s just the way it is...and that’s the way it will always it or not. Is love really all you need? We need food, clothing and shelter. We need a clean water supply. We need health-care. We need cell-phones. No, seriously, we do. But these are material things…tangible things, We need them to exist. But love! We need love to really live! Love is a song, written from the heart , dedicated to life with THE someone who makes your heart sing. Love is...a feeling. And, “Oh, what a feeling” it is!


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