Saturday, December 31, 2011

Welcome to "Project Style ~ 2012!"

It’s New Year’s Eve. I can’t believe 2011 is almost over. My, how time flies! This year has been a real lulu…generally good…mostly successful…occasionally even fabulous! I practiced yoga semi-regularly…excelled in pole-dancing…managed to adhere to a sometimes healthy/often dreadful diet…lost twenty pounds…and found ten of them again this month at the Christmas buffet table…

But for 2012, I’ve decided to forgo the usual New Year’s Resolutions…you know…lose weight…get in shape…stop eating coconut cream pie for breakfast, etc.

Instead, I’ve decided to do my part to bring back style….

Style? What does that mean? Well, there are endless varieties, and everyone has some type of style…no, really they do. But the kind of style I’m referring to heralds back to a time when life was kinder…gentler…more gracious…more graceful…more…well…stylish.

No, I’m not sinking into a sad, wistful…and futile… state of longing for days gone by. I have no intention of rejecting technology and modern conveniences. And I’m not trying to be pompous, pretentious, or snobbish. My quest for style has nothing to do with money, exclusivity, denial, or keeping up with the Jones’s. It has more to do with personal satisfaction and quality of life.

I want to watch TV less…and read more. I want intelligent, engaging conversation…a contemporary version of the salons of Paris. I want to go to museums…listen to jazz…enjoy afternoon tea…keep fresh flowers on the table. I want to pay more attention to the way I look when I leave my house. I want more organization and less chaos. I don’t want to live beyond my means, but I want the best that I can afford.

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “If you want to change the world, start with yourself.“ So, my Resolution for the coming year is to combine the best of both worlds…to take advantage of the truly great things that technology and modern life have to offer, while giving a nod to the timeless style and glamour of the past. I will be documenting my quest for style in Food+Clothing+Shelter with a series of posts throughout the year. I’ll share my sources, inspirations, successes and failures. Who knows...maybe I'll start a revolution.:) It’s going to be an interesting year. Welcome to “Project Style ~ 2012!"

Best Wishes for a Happy New Year! C

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  1. Love it Carol! I hope that this new year brings back the chic, classic, feminine style of clothing for women. Looking forward to reading more - thanks :)