Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer Memories...

Remember the fifties and sixties? Those days when life was so innocent and uncomplicated, and summer seemed like it would last forever? These are some of my favorite images/remembrances from the summers of my youth...

Saturday afternoon... six o'clock. I knew where I would be. In the knotty pine paneled den, eating Frito's and onion dip on a tv tray, glued to the television, watching cheesy horror movies.

I miss screen doors...just plain old screen doors. How many times did I here, "Carol Ann! Use the're going to punch a hole in the screen...Carol Ann! Don't slam the door!"

Oilcloth tablecloths...apparently indestructible and child-proof.

I remember standing in the theater line one night in downtown Memphis with my parents and two of my girlfriends, waiting to see this movie. It was so exciting! I wanted to be Ann Margaret! Afterwards, Dad took us to Leonard's for BBQ.

Downtown with my girlfriends on Saturday morning. We rode the bus. First stop...the fountain in Court Square. We shopped on Main Street...Goldsmiths, Casual Corner...ate lunch at Britlings cafeteria (always sat upstairs)...and then went to one of the old, fabulous movie theaters for a matinee. Magical!

We cooked burgers on the grill most weekends. The dads would sit around and drink beer on the patio, the moms would sit around on the carport and gossip, and we kids would play softball until the burgers were ready.

Mimosa trees. My grandparents had two huge mimosa trees in their front yard. We would climb as high as we could and just hang out...

No summer day (or any day, for that matter) was complete without a fresh pitcher of sweet tea.

Remember walking through the sheets hanging on the line to dry?

Happy Summer! C

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  1. I still hang my sheets out to the smell!