Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Chicken Enchiladas with Mole...

Ever since I woofed down a giant turkey leg doused in mole many years ago in Oaxaca, I've been obsessed with mole. Mole is a sauce traditionally made with chili peppers, spices, day old bread, nuts, raisins and about 20 other ingredients. But the key ingredient that makes it mole is dark chocolate. It's thick, rich, fragrant, smoky, and spicy, with a slight tinge of sweetness...a bit of heaven on my tongue.

When I'm in Memphis, I always go to Molly's La Casita for the T-Man Special...cheese and onion enchiladas covered in mole, with refried beans and rice. But here in Dallas, I've found what I consider the best mole around at a place called Dona Lencha, which just happens to be in my neighborhood. Yippee!

Dona Lencha is in 1900 N. Story @ Airport Freeway. I like the casual, authentic, festive atmosphere, and I like that they serve things you don't find shrimp and octopus cerviche, grilled quail, and blood sausage.

But usually I get the chicken enchiladas with mole. It's my favorite and it's the Tuesday night special. Double Yippee! Check out my dinner last night...el cielo en mi lengua!


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