Friday, May 28, 2010

Did Harry and Sally live happily ever after?

When Harry Met Sally is one of my favorite romantic comedies of all time. Made in the late 80's, it's still the gold standard for demonstrating that men and women just don't think alike. Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal are hilarious as idealistic, perfectionist Sally, and cynical, commitment-phobic Harry.

Over a period of twelve years, they argue about friendship, love, and sex, only to realize in the end, that they are best friends who are in love...with each other. The scene in Katz's Deli when Sally fakes an orgasm is classic. (The woman who says, "I'll have what she's having," is director Rob Reiner's mother.) Harry and Sally show us that, in spite of our inability to agree on, well, anything, love can eventually conquer all.

The movie ends with the newlyweds discussing their recent wedding. They seem happy, but, my question is, did it last? I've never known a man and woman who think alike, but Harry and Sally are particularly "polar" in their belief systems. However, does that automatically doom a relationship?

Did they still find their differences quirky and charming after a few years of marriage? Or, did Harry get tired of Sally's OCD small-talk and turn to one of his numerous old girlfriends for a night of hot-monkey sex? Did Sally grow weary of Harry's dark side, and leave him for a more sensitive, communicative type?

I'd always hoped that one day they would make a sequel, so we could find out what happened to Harry and Sally. Did the magic last? Did they move to the suburbs? Have children? Or did they fight over the books that they didn't put their names in and go through a nasty divorce?

Did Harry and Sally live happily ever after?

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