Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Planet Carol's travel tips....

I've been places...a lot of places. And I've discovered that there are ways to make traveling easier, safer, and more enjoyable. Here are Planet Carol's quick five best travel tips...

Pack as if you're going to be the one schlepping your bags around. Because you probably are. Don't take an outfit for every occasion that could possibly arise. I promise you're going to end up wearing the same pair of great fitting jeans, a cute top, and the same comfortable shoes almost every day. Add a jacket that pulls everything together. Wear a pair of inexpensive silver hoop earrings and leave the expensive jewelry at home. Roll up a stretchy little black dress, a few more tops with various sleeve lengths, a pair of cargo pants with lots of pockets, a skirt, and a pair of sandals that can pinch hit for dress up shoes, and you're ready to go. Don't forget your undies!

Take your toiletries in small, travel sized bottles and containers. There really is no need to have a 16 oz. bottle of shampoo...most other cities and countries have drugstores. And just for this trip, could you please skip some of the stuff you use on your face? Take moisturizer and sunscreen...leave the exfoliating scrub, the wrinkle cream, the cool minty skin freshener, the eye gel, and the envigorating kiwi mask at home. Carry toiletries and makeup in ziplock bags. Sometimes airport security requires it, but even if they don't it keeps lotions and potions from leaking all over your freshly packed clothing.

Keep your money, credit cards, passport, etc. in a money belt close to your body, under your clothing. A fanny pack screams, "I'm a tourist, I have money, please rob me!" And a big purse or bag is just a bitch to drag around all day.

Be polite! Don't be the loudmouth American clunking around in some amazing cathedral during a service, snapping photos with the flash on, screaming "Hey Sidney, come look at the freaking fabulous stained glass window!" And learn the rules of etiquette and dress before visiting an exotic locale.

Don't assume that everyone in a foreign country speaks English. And don't get snippy with them if they don't. Get a dictionary that translates the language for you. Sometimes it only takes a word or two to get your point across, and usually the attempt to speak their language is appreciated. I'm not saying they won't laugh at you though...

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