Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just tweet and eat...

According to the Intelligeneer/Posts in New York Magazine, the newest craze in our "Twitterized age of banal, self-chronicling" is taking photographs of our food and tweeting about what we ate. Really? That's what Martha Stewart did recently at the new restaurant, the Mark. "It's kind of flattering," says Richie Notar, a partner in the Nobu chain. "But please, no flash!" However, Ian Medwin, General Manager of The Mark, finds it a little distracting. "It's gone way beyond flash. They come in with Hasselblads and these big contraptions...I've seen other customers go over and ask them to stop."

I'll admit, there've been times when I've swooned over a beautifully prepared meal at a hip, trendy restaurant and wanted to photograph it for the world to see. But I found the idea of displaying my dinner for the admiration of others a bit, well, self indulgent. So I've resisted the urge.

No wait! I did discreetly snap a picture of this slice of coconut cream pie at The Log Cabin Restaurant, off of I-40 at Exit 143. It was a work of art, and it tasted as good as it looked. So, I present to you now, a photo of a slice of the best coconut cream pie on the planet! I am, after all, a hip and trendy kind of girl. :)

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