Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bold life on display....

Do you have lots of fun family photos? Or tons of great shots of Jamaican sunsets, yourself, bungee jumping in Costa Rica after a few mojitas, or the architectural wonders of Rome?

Over a period of years, occasions, events, trips, etc., we can accumulate literally hundreds of photos. And they usually end up in a photo album on a shelf, or in a box under the bed. Or, at best, hung in a neat little row down the hallway.

Why not be BOLD? Hang them all in a wonky, abstract band. Frame the need for expensive, matching frames...and line your walls with them. When you get a new batch, just add them on!

It's visually interesting, and you won't have to dig through boxes of dusty old photos to find that picture of the cute Italian guy you met for an espresso in Venice last summer!

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