Monday, June 28, 2010

I spend hours on Amusing, only because I was born without a sense of smell. (yes, I can taste) But, I love to read descriptions of the scents, and imagine what they must smell like, It's like reading a for sweetness, but a hint of citrus for freshness, and a little spice for zest, etc. Each element might smell good on it's own...or it could just smell weird...but blended together they create something sensual and beautiful.

And, I really enjoy reading the customer reviews. I find it fascinating that scent is so person thinks a particular perfume takes them to the moon, and another thinks it smells like dirty feet. Interesting...

Luckyscent has unusual and hard to find scents. These are not the perfumes you find at the drugstore, and most of them aren't available at department stores either.

So, if you want your scent to be really unique, check out Luckyscent!

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