Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Dream Vacation Home...

If a warehouse loft in the big city is my dream home, then where would I spend my vacation? Guess! I'm a gypsy at heart. And I've always said that, if I had enough money to live anywhere I wanted to, I wouldn't live anywhere. So, my vacation home would be one that I could take with me!

I love this little Airstream Bambi. It's a beachhouse. It's a cabin in the mountains. It's a pied a terre in another big city. It's perfect for someone like me, who sees life as a journey, and not a destination.

I once drove with a friend to Aspen, Colorado (from Memphis) to go snow skiing. We decided to go through Texas to see friends, and then New Mexico, because we'd never been there. After spending a week or so in Aspen, we decided to go to Vermont. I know, that's a little random, and way out of the way, but we wanted to see covered bridges.

On the way to Vermont, we decided to go to Canada. But first, we spent a couple of days in Chicago, visiting friends and eating pork chop sandwiches from a guy in a trailer, set up on a vacant lot. We spent a few days in Toronto and two days at Niagra Falls, staying in a room where everything from the lights to the fireplace to the draperies to the TV and stereo could be controlled via remote, from a huge round bed with hot pink satin sheets. Finally, we went to Vermont.

We checked out the bridges and played darts with the locals, in a tavern made out of an old barn. Then, we began the drive back to Memphis. We stopped in Washington DC for a spin through the National Gallery of Art, and then the Smithsonian, where I pitched my cookies in the IMAX theater watching "To Fly."

In Knoxville, just a short eight-ish hours from home, our car threw a rod. So we sold it for $200, bought two bus tickets, a huge sub sandwich and a six pack, and partied on a Greyhound!

Live it up people! It's the journey...!

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