Saturday, June 12, 2010

Planet Carol's Summer Wanna Reads - Part Deux

Two more books on my list of summer reads...

Furious Love: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, and the Marriage of the Century
by Sam Kashner and Nancy Schoenberger

Life outdoes movie melodrama in this raucous, intimate, dual biography of Hollywood's ultimate It Couple. Here is that rare love story that holds one's interest beyond the wedding—and a reminder, after the thin gruel of Brangelina, of what a feast celebrity can be. From Publisher's Weekly

Sounds juicy!

Just Kids
by Patti Smith

Patti Smith's beautifully crafted love letter to her friend Robert Mapplethorpe(who died of AIDS in 1989) functions as a memento mori of a relationship fueled by a passion for art and writing. Smith transports readers to what seemed like halcyon days for art and artists in New York as she shares tales of the denizens of Max's Kansas City, the Hotel Chelsea, Scribner's, Brentano's, and Strand bookstores. From Publisher's Weekly

I spent a few evenings at Max's Kansas City myself, back in the day..:)

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